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Next Generation Sequencing

Introduction to Next Generation Sequencing


The currently available massive parallel sequencing is revolutionizing the researches in genomics, life science, and medical applications. Next-generation sequencing technologies include a number of methods that are grouped broadly as template preparation, sequencing and imaging, and data analysis. The unique combination of specific protocols distinguishes one technology from another and determines the type of data produced from each platform. However, the basic sample process requirements, so called library construction, are shared among all of the technology platforms. BioChain offers microRNA and mRNA sample library construction kits to allow fast and cost-effective NGS sequencing. Our kits have the following advantages: (1) streamlined workflow process; (2) reduced cost of reagents; (3) easy to use, all-in-one kit. With these features, our kit enhances productivity by shortening the time required for library preparation and decreases the potential human error rate since we reduced the hands-on time for sample preparation.


Low RNA input required

Up to 48 barcodes available for multiplexing

Simplified workflow reduces hands-on time 

Flexible barcode options 

In MasterMix and High Yield formats

RapidSeq Workflow

    mRNA Sample Prep Kit 

The RapidSeq Directional mRNA Sample Prep kit provides strand-specific cDNA synthesis with reduced costs and increased sensitivity. Strand-specific RNA-seq improves on standard RNA-seq in three ways: accurately identifying antisense transcripts, determining the transcribed strand of non-coding RNAs (e.g. lincRNAs), and demarcating the boundaries of closely situated or overlapping genes. 

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    Small RNA Sample Prep Kit

Developed to provide the most cost-effective solution to the RNA-seq next gen sequencing research and diagnostic communit. This kit requires as little as 100 pg total RNA which makes the whole genome microRNA analysis in many rare sources possible 

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    mRNA Purification Kit

MagSeq mRNA Purification Kit contains reagents, including oligo (dT) magnetic beads, which is enough for 8 mRNA isolation. The kit’s set up is perfectly compatible for next generation sequencing instrument. 


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     Sample Prep Enzymes

Enzymatic engineered T4 RNA Ligase 1 and truncated T4 RNA Ligase 2 increase the efficiency with which small RNAs are tagged with adapter, giving greater sequence depth meanwhile minimizing the primer dimer band contamination. High efficient and thermostable M-MLV Reverse Transcriptase ensures unbiased cDNA synthesis for all RNA species.

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     MicroRNA Isolation Kit

microRNA Isolation Kit provides a rapid method for the isolation and purification of small RNA molecules (<200 nt) from tissue culture cells and small tissues. This kit can also be used for isolating large RNA (>200 nt). This kit contains enough reagents for 25 isolations of small RNAs (<200 nt) or 50 isolations of large RNAs (>200 nt). 

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     DNA Storage Solution

DNA Storage Solution is used for dissolving DNA. Unlike the general TE buffer, this solution can keep DNA concentration more stable, especially for low concentration DNA. This solution is especially good for storing DNA for next generation sequencing purpose. It helps to avoid decreasing the cluster numbers due to repeated freeze and thaw cycles. 

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