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Next Generation Sequencing

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Next Generation Sequencing Products and Services by BioChain

• FFPE tumor and normal tissue and the corresponding extracted DNA, RNA products

• MicroRNA discovery and RNA-Seq reagents

—      MagSeq: mRNA Purification Kit 

—      Small RNA sample Library Kit 

—      mRNA Sample Library Kit 

—      microRNA Isolation Kit 

• Key enzymes & plastic wares

—      T4 DNA Ligase 

—      T4 RNA Ligase Truncated

—      UltraScript / M-MLV RTase

—      Gel Cutter

• NGS Services

—      DNA / RNA extraction and sample library construction services

—      48-gene cancer panel sequencing service

—      Small RNA sequencing service


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As a disruptive technology, next generation sequencing (NGS) rapidly changes the landscape of genomics and translational medicine, presenting an unprecedented market opportunity for life science technology and service providers. BioChain is strategically moving into the NGS space. We have the most comprehensive collection of FFPE tumor and normal control samples. We have developed the fastest workflow and sample library kit that requires the minimum input RNA samples for the RNA-Seq applications. We offer the one-stop shop services for drug discovery and diagnostic development projects with samples, reagents, sequencing and data analysis services.

With over 15 years of experience in sample collection and preparation services, BioChain served thousands of industrial and academic researchers with its FFPE tumor samples from all types of human tissues and normal adjacent controls. Our tissue, cells and extracted DNA, RNA and protein lysate products enable drug discovery and companion diagnostics development in solid tumors, such as breast cancer, lung cancer, melanoma, colorectal cancer and in hematological cancers, such as leukemia.

BioChain’s small RNA and mRNA sample library construction kits for NGS allow a more quantitative and direct view of the RNA population within a cell. As such, it provides a hypothesis-neutral approach and opens to address any scientific questions by interrogating the whole transcriptome, small RNA content, or selected gene expression profiles. Our kits are unique in that we require as low as 100pg total input RNA and our mRNA kits are directional and allow strand-specific library construction. We also offer the key enzymes, such as the M-MLV and UltraScript reverse transcriptases, and the plastic ware to perform the sample library construction.


We offer research sequencing services for cancer driver gene panel, such as the 48 genes based on expert consensus and with optimized chemistry. Our fast turn-around time, high data quality, and comprehensive analysis make our services help the customers to gain competitive edge in their research testing and clinical trial sample analysis.