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Biochain Ready-to-Use Protein Lysates

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  • >200 tissue types
  • Human adult and fetal normal tissues
  • Human tumor and diseased tissues
  • Animal tissues from monkey, mouse and rat
  • Plant tissues




  • Electrophoresis, Western blotting, and immunoprecipitation
  • Enzymatic activity analysis
  • Protein-protein interaction analysis
  • Tissue specific expression identification


    Quality Control

  • Total protein lysate buffer contains no SDS and is supplemented with a cocktail of 7 protease inhibitors
  • SDS-PAGE analysis compared to standard protein lysate to ensure absence of smear and resolution of protein bands (Fig. A.).
  • Western Blot analysis with GAPDH antibody. Clear and single bands could be observed (Fig. B).
  • Six months shelf life is guaranteed from the date of receipt.



     Fig A. SDS-PAGE Gel with Coomassie blue staining
     Fig B. Western blot with GAPDH antibody

     Lane 1 Total Protein - Human Adult Normal Tissue:  Heart
     Lane 2 Total Protein - Human Adult Normal Tissue:  Skin
     Lane 3 Total Protein - Human Adult Normal Tissue:  Ovary
     Lane 4 Total Protein - Human Adult Normal Tissue:  Placenta


    Total Protein Lysates

    • Human Adult Normal Protein             
    • Human Fetal Normal Protein              
    • Human Diabetes Protein              
    • Human Tumor Protein              
    • Human Tumor Cell Line Protein 
    • Human Heart Disease Protein 
    • Human Lung Disease Protein 
    • Human Liver Cirrhosis Protein 
    • Human Lupus Protein 
    • Human Neurological Disease Protein 
    • Mouse Normal Protein






    Selected Publications with Biochain Products


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    A critical role of astrocyte-mediated nuclear factor- B-dependent inflammation in Huntington's disease
    Han-Yun Hsiao, Yu-Chen Chen, Hui-Mei Chen, Pang-Hsien Tu, and Yijuang Chern
    Hum. Mol. Genet., May 2013; 22: 1826 - 1842.

    Proteasome Dysfunction Mediates Obesity-Induced Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress and Insulin Resistance in the Liver
    Toshiki Otoda, Toshinari Takamura, Hirofumi Misu, Tsuguhito Ota, Shigeo Murata, and et al.
    Diabetes, Mar 2013; 62: 811 - 824.

    Galectin-1 Promotes Lung Cancer Progression and Chemoresistance by Upregulating p38 MAPK, ERK, and Cyclooxygenase-2
    Ling-Yen Chung, Shye-Jye Tang, Guang-Huan Sun, Teh-Ying Chou, Tien-Shun Yeh, Sung-Liang Yu, and Kuang-Hui Sun
    Clin. Cancer Res., Aug 2012; 18: 4037 - 4047.

    ARL4A acts with GCC185 to modulate Golgi complex organization
    Yu-Chun Lin, Tsai-Chen Chiang, Yu-Tsan Liu, Yueh-Tso Tsai, Li-Ting Jang, and Fang-Jen S. Lee
    J. Cell Sci., Dec 2011; 124: 4014 - 4026.