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Biochain Protein Extraction System

BioChain’s kits quickly extract either total proteins from your tissues or cells, or enrich for subcelluar fractions. We make it easy to study what matters most, whether you’re interested in total proteins (K3011010), membrane proteins (K3014005), mitochondrial proteins (KC010100) or proteins from specific subcellular fractions (K3013010).

Protein Extraction System



Catalog#      Product Name

K3011010      Total Protein Extraction Kit

K3013010      Subcellular (CNMCS) Protein Extraction Kit (Cytoplasmic, Nuclear, Membrane, and CytoSkeletal Proteins)

KC010100     Mitochondria Isolation Kit

K3014005      Membrane Protein Extraction Kit


  • Total Protein Extraction
  • Membrane Protein Extraction
  • Subcellular Protein Extraction
  • Mitochondria Isolation

  • Quality Control

    Proteins extracted from rat colon tissue using Biochain’s Total Protein Extraction Kit and Subcellular (CNMCS) Protein Extraction Kit were submitted to SDS-PAGE in five identical gels. These gels were either Coomassie stained or immunoblotted with antibodies raised against proteins known to be localized in specific subcellular compartments. 



    Coomassie stained gel displays distinct protein patterns for the total protein fraction (T), cytoplasmic fraction (CY), nuclear fraction (N), membrane fraction (M), and cytoskeletal fractions (CS).





    Immunoblotting of proteins transferred from the four remaining gels to PVDF membranes. The first was incubated with antibodies to cytoplasmic protein GAPDH, the second with antibodies to nuclear protein Histone H1, the third with antibodies to membrane protein Na+/K+ ATPase, and the fourth with antibodies to cytoskeleton marker protein vimentin

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    Selected Publications with Biochain Products


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