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DNA/RNA Next Generation Sequencing Service


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  • Advanced Next Generation Sequencing Technology - As the sample preparation leader BioChain has launched its proprietary NGS Sample Prep Kits with all reagents developed with the highest quality standards.
  • One Stop Service - BioChain's "Sample to Data" Service includes: DNA/RNA sample prep/QC, library preparation, NGS sequencing, bioinformatics analysis, and high level customer support.
  • Expert Services - We deliver the data, handle all the advanced bioinformatics analysis and help you find the answers to your questions.



BioChain provides cost-effective, high quality DNA and RNA sequencing service which is suitable for all your one stop shopping or customized project needs. Based on our Illumina platforms, we provide a wide spectrum of service such as de novo sequencing, whole genome resequencing, targeted sequencing, predefined disease gene panels, exsome sequencing, chromosomal loci (exons and introns) sequencing, whole transcriptome profiling and customer targeted sequencing. We work with you from the beginning of your project until you receive the analyzed sequencing data.

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