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Immuno Diagnostics

Introduction to Immuno Diagnostics

BioChain has developed a series of ELISA assays for the detection of infectious diseases, such as hepatitis, (HCV, HEV), HIV, TORCH, TB, etc. Our kits are for research use only in the United States while we have obtained regulatory approval for clinical use in other countries, such as China. These ELISA kits are enzyme immunoassays for the detection of various antigen or antibody in human serum or plasma. Recombinant, purified antigen, or antibody is coated on the multiple wells. When the serum sample and HRP conjugated second antibody are added to the coated wells and the target antibody or antigen is present in the sample, a HRP conjugated complex will form. This enzyme reaction produces a color change, and the intensity of the absorbance at defined wavelength indicates the presence or absence of the antigen or antibody in the sample. The test is specific, sensitive, reproducible and easy to operate.


    Antigen Markers 

BioChain has various antigens as biomarkers that detect specific antibodies related to important diseases. Diseases such as viral infections and autoimmunity often result in the presence of antibodies against specific antigens in the patients' sera. These antibodies can be recognized by the matching antigens or fragments of the antigens in a sensitive immunoassay for diagnosis of the diseases.                                

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    Lateral Flow Assay Kits  

BioChain offers a series of lateral flow immunological assay kits. A lateral flow test works by incorporating a sample pad that is intimately associated with a conjugate pad. This in turn touches a membrane onto which test and control reagents have been immobilised. An absorbent pad wicks fluid away from the membrane. Using the lateral flow assay system, BioChain developed a series of kits that are useful for rapid diagnostic research of diseases.  

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Immuno Diagnostics

    ELISA Kits  

BioChain offers an extensive list of ELISA kits for research use of detection for infectious diseases, such as HBV, HCV, and HIV. The kits have also been approved for clinical diagnosis use in some countries such as China.  

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