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MicroRNA Markers

Introduction to MicroRNA Markers

BioChain's microRNA Biomarker Real-time RT-qPCR Detection Kit provides a specific assay for quantitative analysis of miRNA expression from total RNA samples (containing miRNAs) or small RNAs enriched samples. This kit contains all the reagents needed for running the real-time RT-qPCR assay, including reverse transcription reagents and primer, qPCR reaction reagents and specific primer/probe mixture. The proprietary design of nd Guide?primer is to facilitate the binding of the miRNA to our primer adapter. The PCR primers/probe mixture includes a forward primer, a reverse primer and a TaqMan probe dual-labeled with 5'-FAM and BHQ-1-3? which is used for real-time detection and quantification of target cDNA. * For product availability, please email us at info@biochain.com, submit your question online at Contact Us or call us at 1-888-762-2568


  • Convenient - All reaction components are supplied as ready to use mixtures, reducing set up time and liquid handling steps for quick and easy set up
  • High sensitivity - Detect miRNA expression with both total RNA (containing miRNAs) or small RNA enriched samples
  • Wide dynamic range - Linearity over 6 logs of dynamic range
  • Flexible - Compatible with various real-time qPCR instruments and different qPCR formats
  • Applications

  • MicroRNA biomarker detection and quantification
  • MicroRNA expression profiling
  • MicroRNA array data validation
  • Reference

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