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Enzymes and Assay Kits

Introduction to Enzymes and Assay Kits

BioChain offers the most popular enzyme product to the customers, such as DNase I and RNase A. Our enzymes are of high quality and economic values. Biochain's BioAssay kits are designed for both routine laboratory tests and high-throughput drug screening applications. We focus on harmless non-radioactive assay formats such as fluorescence, bio-, and chemiluminescence detection techniques. We have optimized our kits to fit the common testing conditions so that the researchers need little to no time for assay optimization. Some of the examples of our assay kits include the kits for Blood and urine analysis, Oxidative Stress, DNA and Protein Determination, Ethanol Determination, Environmental and Food Analysis, and Reporter Gene Assays.


    Molecular Diagnostics

BioChain has developed a series of nucleic acid based assays for the detection of infectious diseases, such as hepatitis, (HCV, HEV), HIV, TORCH, TB, etc. Our kits are for research use only in the United States while we have obtained regulatory approval for clinical use in other countries, such as China. Currently, our molecular diagnostic products focus on human reproductive health and related cancers.                       

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Enzymes and Assay Kits