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Clinical Application – Reproductive Health & Cancer Genomics

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Over the last decade, BioChain has grown into the clinical application space globally. Our immediate focus is the diagnostics product development and services for the clinicians and patients in the reproductive health and related cancer detection areas.  Our products include the immunoassay based and nucleic acid based detection kits for various infectious diseases, and array CGH based inherited genetic diseases detection services. 

With more than 25 clinical diagnosis kits approved by the SFDA in China, BioChain is adding value to the healthcare management by the clinicians in the patients with pregnancy as well as infectious diseases in general. The prenatal screen and testing for chromosomal abnormality among the high risk pregnant women using aCGH is another clinical development we offer. Detection and services are under development for cancer risk screening and diagnosis using leading edge technologies such as RT-qPCR and NGS.

A partial list of clinical diagnosis kits we offer is the below.