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Culture Medium

Introduction to Culture Medium

BioChain provides a line of specialized culture medium for cell cultures. Culture Medium or Growth Medium is chemically defined to deliver nutrients for cell growth in research or diagnostic purposes. We’ve developed ready to use liquid formulations to fit your experimental setup and budget. At BioChain we offer EPC growth medium, EPOC growth medium, and MSC growth medium. BioChain’s culture medium has been designed and tested for our corresponding cell lines. Our growth medium supplements include fetal bovine serum and recombinant growth factors. Each lot has been thoroughly tested and membrane filtered for sterility and does not contain antibiotics. Our EPOC freezing medium has been optimized for cryopreservation of EPOC.


  • Specialized for EPC, EPOC, and MSC cell cultures
  • Ready to use – liquid formulations
  • Sterile
  • Applications

  • Cell Cuture
  • Cryopreservation