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Multiple Species(Adult Normal)

Introduction to Multiple Species(Adult Normal)

BioChain's Multiple Species Mega Western Protein Arrays are designed for testing the species reactivity of antibodies. These Mega Western Protein Arrays can bring very important information of antibodies in Western Blot analysis studies. The same type of tissue lysates from 15 different species, including human, mouse, rat, Rhesus monkey, Cynomolgus monkey, rabbit, guinea pig, goat, sheep, hamster, chicken, bovine, horse, dog, and porcinewere printed on modified nitrocellulose membranes. Each array contains a total of 16 lanes, and each lane is composed of 24 fractions. These arrays are suitable for use with both radioactive and non-radioactive methods. A user's manual is included. The Mega Western Protein Array is supplied ready to use, so that you can immediately screen proteins of interest without the hassle of obtaining hard to find tissues and processing the proteins yourself.