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Mega Western Protein Array

Introduction to Mega Western Protein Array

BioChain's Mega Western Protein Array is a novel tool for analysis of protein expressions by combining the unique features of tissue protein micro-arrays and Western blots. The dimensions of Mega Western Protein Array are 1x2 inches, and the detection method is the same as is commonly employed for Western blot analysis. Using the Mega Western Protein Array, protein expression levels and protein sizes can be simultaneously determined in more than 30 different tissues, a unique feature which is not achievable by regular Western blot.


  • Reproducible results - Any two membranes of an array are nearly identical
  • Higher sensitivity - Protein species are highly concentrated per unit area on the membrane and are readily accessible to antibodies
  • Versatile - Suitable for both radioactive and non-radioactive detections
  • Easy-to-use - The membrane can be treated/handled the same as in conventional Western blot
  • Economical - One Mega Western Protein Array analysis reveals protein expressions in 30 different tissues
  • Antibody saving - use at least 4 times less antibody compared to the traditional Western blot
  • Stable - Dried and storage at room temperature
  • Automation - Suitable for automation
  • Applications

  • Identification of tissue-specific protein expressions in a wide variety of tissues
  • Analysis of protein expression patterns
  • Comparison of expression levels of target proteins
  • Determination of the size and relative abundance of target proteins in different tissues
  • Examination of protein isoforms due to alternative splicing and premature termination of specific gene transcripts, and post-translational modifications
  • Antibody validation