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Molecular Weight Markers
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Molecular Weight Markers

Introduction to Molecular Weight Markers

A molecular-weight size marker is a general term for protein ladder, DNA ladder, or RNA ladder. These various molecular weight markers consist of a set of standards that are useful for identifying the approximate size and migration rate of a molecule following gel electrophoresis.

BioChain’s DNA ladders are prepared using highly specific molecular biology grade chemicals and our proprietary technology. Our 100-bp DNA Ladder Plus is a mixture of double-stranded DNA fragments with consistent sizes that display high accuracy. BioChain’s reference markers can be used on agarose or acrylamide gels to estimate the sizes of DNA fragments ranging from 75 to 3000 bp. We also make custom DNA ladders your specified sizes and concentration. Please contact us for more detail.


  • Accuracy - Each band resolved on a gel has the exact length as claimed
  • Easily distinguishable patterns with enhanced intensities of certain bands
  • Easy to remember the bp length of each band due to a gradient intensity on the gel
  • Each loading will yield a minimum of 20 ng DNA per band
  • Quality Control

  • Each lot of the ladder has been quantified with a spectrophotometer and checked on a 3% agarose gel to ensure the accuracy and sharpness of the bands.