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Matched Pair - Genomic DNA
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Matched Pair - Genomic DNA

Introduction to Matched Pair - Genomic DNA

BioChain's human genomic DNA matched pair products include: Primary Pair (PP), Primary and Metastatic Pair (PM). PP consists of genomic DNAs isolated from primary tumor and its adjacent normal tissue; PM consists of genomic DNAs from primary tumor and corresponding metastatic tumor. Genomic DNAs in each pair are prepared from the same donor. This product line is designed for identifying tumor-specific genes and tumor metastatic genes.


  • Collected under ethical guidelines using strict IRB-approved protocols from accredited medical institutions
  • Genomic DNA isolated from a wide variety of rare tissues
  • Extensive quality control procedures ensure high quality genomic DNA
  • High efficiency in PCR
  • Documentation of clinical histories
  • Freshly-cut prior to shipment
  • Applications

  • SNP analysis
  • Southern Blot
  • PCR Genomic DNA library construction
  • Gene expression profiling