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cDNA Synthesis Kit(Reverse Transcription)

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Introduction to cDNA Synthesis Kit(Reverse Transcription)

BioChain’s First Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit provides all the necessary components to perform 100 first strand cDNA synthesis reactions from total RNA or poly(A) RNA. This system uses Moloney Murine Leukemia Virus Reverse Transcriptase with lower RNase H activity to allow for the synthesis of full-length cDNA from long templates. Oligo(dT) 18 and random hexamer primers are included, however, other specific primers can also be used with this kit. The cDNA synthesized using this system can be used directly in PCR amplification. This kit is has been optimized for maximum yield of full-length cDNA. Ribonuclease inhibitor has also been added to lower the risk of mRNA degradation during the reaction.


  • Full-length, first strand cDNA synthesis
  • Ready for PCR amplification
  • Templates for second strand synthesis and construction of cDNA libraries
  • Complete system with positive control primers and BioChain’s premium quality human placenta total RNA included
  • Applications

  • Immediate PCR amplification of known genes
  • Comparison of gene expression patterns between biological samples
  • Gene mutation analysis
  • Gene cloning and target sequencing
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