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DNA Analysis

Introduction to DNA Analysis

DNA analysis is a fundamental aspect of all gene related research. At BioChain, we offer multiple DNA analysis kits with protocols that have been specifically optimized to minimize DNA degradation, reagent preparation, and conversion time. We provide kits for cDNA synthesis, DNA methylation detection, and quick identification of recombinant colonies. These kits and reagents are designed to for the easy analysis of genomic DNA, cDNA, and plasmid DNA.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • cDNA synthesis kit can generate high quality full length first strand cDNAs which can be used for many downstream applications such as PCR, QPCR, and cDNA library construction.
  • DNA methylation detection kit provides a very sensitive and cost effective method to detect DNA methylation.
  • Express Cloning Checker Kits provide two highly efficient methods of identifying recombinant colonies after transformation without time-consuming plasmid preparation.
  • Applications

  • cDNA synthesis and detection
  • DNA methylation detection
  • Gene cloning analysis