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AnaPrep 12

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AnaPrep 12

Automated Nucleic Acid Preparation System in Research and Clinical Applications

BioChain’s AnaPrep 12 is a fully automated nucleic acid extraction system that is efficient, effective and economical.  Based on the latest magnetic bead technology, AnaPrep12 is easy to use with three simple steps: load samples, run pre-programmed protocols, and collect purified samples.  The end result is reproducible high quality nucleic acids from a wide range of starting materials that are ready for a variety of downstream applications.

Features/ Benefits:

  • Automated processing of 1 to 12 samples with pre-programmed protocols
  • Consistent high purity nucleic acid using reliable reagents and methods
  • Saves time and labor with pre-filled reagent cartridges and disposables
  • Flexible design for processing customized sample numbers and  elution volume (50-300ul).
  • For research and diagnostic use,  manufactured under GMP, ISO13458, and CE marking
  • Minimizes contamination risks with unidirectional sample head and built-in UV lamp
  • Versatile system enables purification from various sample sources and the products are suitable for many downstream applications
  • Easy to Use and Error-free with simple steps, fool-proof design, and barcode reader
  • Conserves space  with an all-in-one, compact instrument 



Efficient: AnaPrep 12 system is easy to setup and easy to train.  A scanning reader loads your extraction protocol with pre-programmed barcode without the need for an external computer. Running your samples is as easy as 1-2-3: load samples, run pre-programmed protocols, and collect purified nucleic acids. 

Effective: AnaPrep 12 system is designed to reduce contamination with our unidirectional autosampler in addition to a built-in UV lamp. With BioChain’s polygonal-shaped reaction chamber, AnaPrep12 eliminates magnetic bead residue as well as other unwanted contaminants in the eluted product.

Economical: AnaPrep 12 system provides consistent high quality nucleic acid extraction with BioChain's magnetic beads and cartridge technology. These individually packed cartridges can be tailored to your workload without wasting any valuable reagents. 



            The efficiency of AnaPrep 12 stems from making the extraction process easy. 

AnaPrep 12 combines the latest magnetic bead separation technique with strict quality control systems for reagents and liquid handling to obtain pure extraction.    Researchers save time, labor, and avoid mistakes by using pre-filled reagent cartridges and disposable plastics.  The purification process is as fast as 40 minutes for 1-12 samples. 

            With an integrated processing unit that carries out the preloaded protocols, AnaPrep 12 eliminates the requirement for an external computer.  AnaPrep 12 comes with a barcode reader enabling quick selection of protocols.  The seamless automation provides the user the ability to simply place the samples in the machine, select a pre-programmed protocol, walk away, and let the machine carry out the tedious steps required for extraction.  All processing procedures are done by the instrument, from piercing the reagent cartridge to eluting the pure nucleic acid.  Using the machine is easy and does not require training in automation.  

Purification Technology

            The following diagram depicts the purification process.  


            The AnaPrep 12 system is effective in providing consistent high purity nucleic acid extraction by minimizing contamination, enhancing reaction, and reducing volatile reagents.  The UV lamp decontaminates the interior compartment of the machine and the unidirectional movement of the pistons reduces cross-contamination. 

            Additionally, AnaPrep 12 has unrivaled mixing ability and an ingeniously designed reaction chambers by BioChain.   The specially modified elongated polygonal-shaped reaction chamber allows complete mixing and minimizes magnetic bead residue and alcohol in the eluted product.

Reaction Chambers

AnaPrep 12 kits come with 3 reaction chambers for specific use.  One chamber is used during heating reactions and two polygonal-shaped chambers are used for nucleic acid-bead complex formation, separation, and washes.

Consistency is vital in any type of standardized processing.  With the AnaPrep system, this is achieved simply with reliable reagents and a user-friendly machine.  Procedures executed on AnaPrep are designed to be fool-proof, from insertion of cartridge and reaction chambers, and collection vials to pre-programmed protocols.  This eliminates the run- to-run and user-to-user error.  Furthermore, in addition to its versatility in RND, the AnaPrep system is manufactured under GMP, ISO13458, and CE marking for applications in clinical diagnostic testing


Reagent Cartridge

            The reagent cartridges are pre-sealed preventing splashes.   The unidirectional design of the cartridges avoid reversed placement which is critical for perfect execution of the pre-programmed protocols.  Each kit comes with optimized buffers and magnetic beads for specific type of source material.


            In addition to reduced labor cost, the AnaPrep system offers the most economical machine and extraction kits.  AnaPrep provides the flexibility of running 1 to 12 samples in parallel without wasting valuable resources and reagents. 


Versatility in any system affords users the resources to expand their work and AnaPrep 12 is such a system.  DNA from broad sample sources, such as blood, tissue, and FFPE have been successfully purified with AnaPrep 12 extraction kits.  The purified nucleic acids are immediately suitable for a broad range of downstream applications.

AnaPrep 12 System is able to purify nucleic acid from the following biospecimen:

-  whole blood                         -  FFPE                         -  saliva                        -  stool

-  serum                                  -  tissue                        -  CSF

-  plasma                                 -  cell                           -  urine

-  buffy coat                            -  swab                         -  sputum 


Downstream Applications

–   PCR

–   qPCR

–   Next generation sequencing

–   Restriction enzyme digestion

–   Hybridization

–   SNP analysis

–   Genotyping

–   NAT, oncology, forensics, food inspection, GMO

–   Molecular diagnosis (for applications sufficient with CE marking, or in LDT)



Figure 1. DNA was purified from two whole blood samples using AnaPrep blood DNA extraction kit and analyzed on agarose gel.   


Figure 2. DNA was purified from blood plasma spiked with cultured Escherichia. coli (E. coli) cells at different density in duplicates using AnaPrep Bacterial DNA Extraction kit.  E.coli cell densities were 1x108, 1x105, and 1x103.  For negative control, E. coli cells were not added to two plasma samples (samples with zero cell density).   qPCR analysis of 10µl aliquots of total DNA extracts using E.coli specific primers demonstrates the scalability of and reliability of the AnaPrep system.  


Figure 3.  DNA was purified from samples of EDTA-, sodium citrate-, and heparin-preserved whole blood using AnaPrep Blood DNA Extraction kit. Purified DNA was split and stored in different conditions.  The β-globin sequence was detected using qPCR (A).  In B, purified DNA was spiked with parvovirus B-19 DNA and detected for β-globin and parvovirus B-19 DNAs.  Different anticoagulants or storage conditions did not have significant affect on the samples.


Figure 4.  Comparison of DNA extracts from two different systems.  DNA was purified from six formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) slides from the same human pancreas block using AnaPrep FFPE extraction system and another supplier (A).  These DNA extracts were analyzed with qPRC using β-actin as target (B). 




AnaPrep 12

Instrument Type:

Benchtop automated nucleic acid extractor

Sample Processing:

1 to 12 samples per batch

Sample Volume Handling:

100 – 1200 uL

Processing Time:

See purification kit manual for details

Heat Block Temperature:

60°C to 70°C (at  room temperature environment,  ~25°C)

Protocol Input:

Barcode Reader

Built-in Features:

LCD Display Screen

Instrument Dimensions:

47 cm W x 68 cm D x 51 cm H


43 kg

Input Power:

AC 100-240 V, 240 VA, 50/60 Hz

Operating Temperature:


Operating Humidity:



F3A 250V

Temperatures allowed during transportation/ storage/ packaging:

-25℃ to +70℃