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TissueProteinRNADNAAntibodyKit and Reagents Matched Products

CoA Tissue

pdf  Frozen Tissue Section Slides

pdf  Paraffin Tissue Section Array

pdf  Paraffin Tissue Section Panel

pdf  Paraffin Tissue Section Slides

pdf  Immunohistochemistry Kit

pdf  In Situ Hybridization Kit


CoA Protein

pdf  Cytoplasmic Protein

pdf  Membrane Protein

pdf  Nuclear Protein

pdf  Total Protein

pdf  Total Protein Array

pdf  Total Protein Panel

pdf  Total Protein Western Blots



pdf  High Throughput Northern Blot

pdf  mRNA

pdf  mRNA Array

pdf  mRNA Northern NBA Blots

pdf  mRNA Northern NBE Blots

pdf  Total RNA

pdf Total RNA Array

pdf Total RNA Northern Blots

pdf Total RNA Panel



pdf  3' RACE Ready cDNA

pdf  cDNA Panel

pdf  Genomic DNA

pdf  Genomic DNA Panel

pdf  cDNA


CoA Antibody

pdf  Antibody-Primary

pdf  Antibody-Secondary


CoA Kit and Reagents

pdf  Immunohistochemistry Kit

pdf  In Situ Hybridization Kit

pdf  PCR Optimization Kit

pdf  Western Blot Analysis Kit

pdf  cDNA Synthesizer Kit

pdf  Compartment Protein Isolation Kit

pdf  DNA Gel Loading Buffer

pdf  cDNA Probes

pdf  Easy-mRNA Kit

pdf  Total Protein Extraction Kit

pdf  Express Cloning Checker Kit I

pdf  Express Cloning Checker Kit II

pdf  Express Cloning Checker Kit III

pdf  FastHyb-Hybridization

pdf  FOST Competent Cells

pdf  Protein Loading Buffer

pdf  RNA gel

pdf  RNA Gel Running Kit

pdf  RNA Gel Loading Buffer

pdf  RNAmate

pdf  RT Checker Kit


CoA Matched Products

pdf  Dr.P - Genomic DNA

pdf  Dr.P - mRNA

pdf  Dr.P - Total Protein

pdf  Dr.P - Total RNA

pdf  Matched Pair - cDNA

pdf  Matched Pair - Genomic DNA

pdf  Matched Pair - Frozen Tissue Section

pdf  Matched Pair - Paraffin Tissue Section

pdf  Matched Pair - Total Protein

pdf  Matched Pair - Total RNA